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Target v. Walmart: which superstore do you prefer and why?

I personally am a Target girl myself... anyone else want to pick a side?


Emily Helwig Walmart because our closest Target is about an hour away and I've only actually been there two or three times.

Tiffany O

Emily Helwig I like Walmart's prices but I love Target's layout. In the end, prices are more important to me so I would go with Walmart.


Tiffany O That's what I thought the few times I've been to Target that their prices were much higher than Walmart.


Emily Helwig I like Target better, but the closet one is an hour away, so I stuck with Walmart.


Emily Helwig Target is definitely more enjoyable at shop at - clean, organized, so many cool things. However, for real necessities or basic items, Walmart does have great prices, and with 2 kids in tow, I can get all my shopping done at Walmart (grocery and everything else). Plus, they have a lot of nice grocery items like vegetarian and ethnic foods.

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