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Thanksgiving Holiday Will Lead to Gift Card & PayPal Delays

Hi Dealspotr community,

On 11/22 is Thanksgiving, so the Dealspotr office will be closed Thursday and Friday. If you do not receive a payment by tomorrow, your payment will be delayed until after our return on Monday.

We appreciate your continued patience. Happy holidays!


Dealspotr Support Hi, I requested a gift card on 11/13 do you think I will receive it by tomorrow?


Ariadna Gonzalez You are not currently on tomorrow's list, so it will depend on whether our moderators are able to get through more requests.


Dealspotr Support

I have the same 1 week and nothing that gives me an answer to my gift card


Dealspotr Support lol so i requested mine from the 11/14 so im guessing im on the list ♥ Its my first paid gig so im hyped lol

Javier Gil

Dealspotr Support
good day, to know why the payment requested on the 11/16/2018 has not arrived? Thank you


Dealspotr Support Everyone, please stop asking when you will be paid. We're working very hard to get through the lists and because of the holidays, more people requested than usual. If you see your gift card labeled as "sent" instead of "processing", that means your payment has been processed and you should receive it sometime that day. Otherwise, we appreciate your patience and we are working through as fast as we can.


Dealspotr Support Hi Dealspotr, I´ve been waiting my gift card since last wednesday and I still not received it. Can You Help me Please?