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The deal title was not representative of the deal

Hi, Emily Helwig. What is the problem that I have this title? Can you give me a solid argument to understand my mistake and correct it in the future? Maybe you can give me an example of how you did it. Thanks in advance. view your deal


Williams Up to 20% off does not represent what the deal is. You either receive 15% off if you spend $20+ or 20% off if you spend $40+. Those are two specific numbers and 'up to 20%' is not clear that it's either 15% or 20%. If it was 'Up to 20% Off,' that would mean you could get products that were 8% off or 13% off, as well as 20% off. It's important to specify exact numbers so shoppers can understand how the deal works. Your deal title should be clear and representative of the deal without the aid of the screenshot.

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