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The user "Yessi Gal @ Yes67" has no moral to correct, observe.

The user "Yessi Gal @ Yes67" who spends it sending direct messages to many users like this one:

1. Stop too the edit referral codes after you add ... This behavior is bad for the community too.

2.https: //forums.dealspotr.com/thread/how-to-properly-identify-and-add-personal-referral-codes-2019-04-19 If you continue doing reactivations without referral options all your accounts will be penalized. Bye,

She does not have the moral to be monitoring these accounts because after investigating the activity of this user, she does the same thing that she condemns, here is the proof of her activity:


On the other hand, moderator friends, this account @ Yes67 is posing as a ZipWorks worker, which seems anti-ethical. It does not have the verified user verification like the other moderators that make life on the page.

A call is made to the user who is usurping a charge that does not concern him, it is good that he wants to improve the community, however you must give the example and be verified for such a case.

I know you are reading me and take letters in the matter.