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Unfair advantage

Good afternoon to all the community, i know that Dealspotr mission is to post offers as fast as you can so you can gain more points and basicaly is like a competition, and if you have fast internet you can post them as fast as other. But on the last year there is an user who used an unfair advantage over all of us to post, in what way, that account posts screenshots without respecting the rules, and if we do that we get penalizations and this user keeps posting as nothing, and the other thing is that user posts offers so fast that no one with high mechanografic skills can post that fast, which means he is using tools to post that fast that no one can take his stores and this message is for the administrator to take measures on behalf of an equal environment to post

Juan Jose

Juan Jose This user is DealsIn, so please take measures on behalf of all the users who dont have those mediums to post offers like that

Jesus Brito

What is expressed by Mr. Juan Jose is a reality that affects everyone in this community. I think that they should at least monitor their actions and take the corresponding measures that apply to these cases.


Juan Jose It is clear that this user has some advantage, because the codes I receive and when trying to publish in deals have been at the same time the publication, something unusual, in many cases with incorrect dates, type of incorrect offers. It is humanly impossible to publish more than 500 offers or codes in 24 hours, the only way is that more than one person manages that account, which is an act of advantage to users who add codes

Among the rules of dealspotr there is one of not doing spam, I do not know if this account is violating a rule violation.

Juan Jose

Ricardo Franco That's correct my friend, no human can post that fast and using that unfair advantage over all of us

George Howk

Juan Jose please make a call to the dealspotr community to please review this account and take the necessary measures or penalties.


Juan Jose I'm not sure if use of tools, bots, or something like that is vinculated with this, but what's for sure is that there is a huge advantage, humanily is impossible to reach that massive ammount of coupon codes in a single day, considering the volumen of stores, time, number of coupons, hand-eye speed in a row. I think Dealspotr should take a look at this activity.

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Juan Jose

Geraldyn Garcia We are not innocents, that account DealsIn has been abussing from the system and as you can see, several of us are tired of that, if either work or not for Dealspotr is no problem, we've had similars but this is a special case because is more abussive