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Unfair score adjustment

This seems too much to me, they are already more than 5 times that i adjust the score unfairly, lately i have been publishing many new offers and doing my job well and to my surprise again i am going back down points, then i have done more than 15000 points only to collect the gift card and i still do not receive anything, i still think that you take advantage of the users that maintain this page


Jusepe Tabera Hello, I took a look at your account and it seems that you've have been penalized for confirmation abuse multiple times yet you continue to limit your deal posting activity to confirmations. We want to see users create more deals than they confirm, that is the only way you will receive a gift card.


Dealspotr Support I already have all this week posting new offers and still penalize me, it seems that they are becoming scam, apart from that they take too long to pay, they look for any excuse to revoke the GC and start over