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Website freezing glitch

So while I'm posting/validating deals, I'll have just finished posting a deal, I'll type in a name for another store to validate/post on, and after clicking search, suddenly the whole page locks up. Like nothing will move. I'll click to search for the store name again, but after hitting enter it just doesn't do anything. So I try to get around that freeze by clicking on other links, homepage, notifications, profile, etc, and I'm just stuck, I think it used to work to get me out of that by clicking something else but today it wasn't working. So then I'll close the tab and reopen it (I use chrome), and I'm still stuck on the page! Again, that usually works but not this time. So I have to go to the website address and delete everything up to where it says "dealspotr.com" and hit enter, or just enter dealspotr.com from scratch, then it'll take me to the homepage and I'm out of whatever locked up situation I was in. I don't know what's up with that. This seems to be random but I think it might be happening more frequently.

Fairy Okay! Next time this happens, would you mind sending me a quick screenshot of your screen? Thanks!


Emily Helwig I'm having this happen, too. I just went to a page to add a promo code. It came up in the list, so I successfully validated. It returned me to the page with the store's promos, but I had to force refresh because I couldn't click anywhere

April Ward

Cole Martinez Yeah, the mouse would move, and you could click on stuff but the page would refuse to do anything, just stuck.


Emily Helwig Hi Emily I have a problem, I cannot Reactivate or edit a deal, the edit menu doesn't open


Wendy Hedrich I replied to you in the other thread - but this looks like a bug. I'm looking into it now!

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