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Emily How do change my e-mail address with dealspotr? I haven't been receiving e-mails with Amazon address. Amazon & I already changed Yahoo.


zihomara arraez Hello! The part of your tip that looks a little off to me would be: "we are able to help to believe the comity every day, and to save a lot of money, God bless them, we go ahead"

This part is unnecessary, and I'm not sure what it means. As long as you stick to talking about the specific deal, you should be all set! :)


Dealspotr Support Miss Dealspotr, I have been waiting for the $ 10 card for more than 1 week. Could you tell me when the payment of the cards would begin to arrive? THANK YOU!!

This reply has been removed.

This reply has been removed.


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Dealspotr Support Hi, I was flagged because my screenshot did not prove my deal, that it was not clear and unique, It is so clear to me that the code I applied was ok, and discount was taken at checkout, Can you Check it up?


Dealspotr Support Miss Dealspotr, I have been waiting for the $ 10 card for more than 1 week. Could you tell me when the payment of the cards would begin to arrive? THANK YOU!!


Emily Helwi hello everybody @couponaddict is editing wrong the deals to flagged the deals and sanctioning the user of this community... Please somebody fix this.


Dealspotr Support

I think they should explain all the parameters required by the community, such as the limits of the codes that a store must have in order not to be penalized because if users do not know the limit it is as if they worked blindly and at the end of so much effort the work that users do for not explaining everything related


Dealspotr Support Hi Emiliy! I have a problem.. Why can not I claim my points? I work hard for my points, reach for a $ 20 gift card and I can not claim them, please help me! It's the Christmas gift for my family :(

zhang y

I am newbie here and hope someone can me some advice and my score become -4 why!!


sony andolini please include the URL of the deal, not the photo. also, please post any subsequent questions to the How to Use Dealspotr section or else the risk being left unanswered.


Please post these questions to the How to Use Dealspotr section or else the risk being left unanswered.


Dealspotr Support

Hello, I do not understand what is wrong with this validation, can you explain me? Oops! Your validation: 15% discount on your next order in Ames Walker (Single Use Code) was marked for the following reason: information about your offer was incorrectly entered or omitted. Your accuracy score may have been affected. Thank you for helping us create a great experience in Dealspotr when reviewing your validations! - See your offer - See our offers publication guidelines for more details. https://dealspotr.com/deal/-ds-15-off-your-next-order-at-ames-walker-singleuse-code

Dealspotr Support The Dealspotr team sent you a message: "Hello, this is just a warning: avoid creating / reactivating offers for stores with more than 30 promotion codes, it is not useful for the community, as these stores already have many codes of work for buyers "

Hello, I do not understand this message since there are very few stores that have 30 or fewer codes, it will be much more difficult to do my daily validations. Why this restriction now?


Hello, dealspotr I see with concern that all my validations come with error. My manager told me that it is strange because they are well done, my referral is doing all the good vaidations and I trained her. help me to continue with my account I hope information that helps me, tips and tips. Thanks.

scott lee

Hello how are you, I would like to know what is happening with the gift cards that previously approved in 2 days and now I've been waiting for 5 days, says processing even. I hope prompt response, thanks


Dealspotr Support My score of low accuracy to -5 and now it tells me that I closed the account that I can not do more validations? I did not charge or was left $ 15 I had there