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What Happened to my influencer scores??!!

What happened to my influencer score of 66 pls? Its dropped to just 11???? I dont understand, pls can someone get back to me not happy about this at all, at least i deserve an explanation. Thanks

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Barbara Fava its so annoying, i have asked whats the remedy, am waiting to bear back from Jimmy, he said it might be a bug

Barbara Fava

Sophia Godwin I tried to contact multiple times Lauren but no answer and its weird because she is always super fast in answering to emails


Barbara Fava i also sent Lauren a mail, havent heard back yet really weird. I noticed my youtube is disconnected, i have tried to connect it back several times and am getting a message saying " this app has not yet bern verified by google for sign in" very strange, i hope they fix it soonest

Kevin Tietz

Sophia Godwin I noticed YouTube was dropped and my score went to 0. Not sure why YouTube was removed, but I think that is what is making everyones numbers fall.


Kevin Tietz You are very right, my YouTube was disconnected and i havent been able to connect it. I have reported it to Jimmy with a screenshot that i received when i try to connect. They have to really sort this issue out, and its taking too long.