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What happened with Menards?

I hope this post doesn't cause any problems but I'm curious about something, not sure where to post this topic so I'll put it at random. I saw Menards was a store on here so I wanted to add a deal they were having, I did last week and saw someone else had done the same previously, but today I couldn't find the store anywhere on the site and when I typed in the name it said something to the effect of "This store doesn't allow coupons to be posted here." Huh?! I'm curious to what's going on with that. You'd think stores would want to promote their buisness or whatever by spreading the word and what not, so I'm wondering what they have a problem with? Just doesn't make sense to me. And for the record it wasn't even a coupon I wanted to post, just a sale they were having.


Yes, you would think stores would want you spreading the word about them. I was emailed by a company once that I had posted a promo code for and they asked me (not so nicely) to remove it or they would seek legal action. I about laughed my butt off but told them they had no grounds. They got a lot nicer after that and explained that the promo code was tied to a specific person for a campaign they were running and they wanted to see how many people used the promo code coming from a specific site. I don't see why it made a difference but that's the only time that has ever happened to me.


Angela Bailey That I can understand, because if a company decided to sponsor someone and their website then they need to know that the traffic from that sponsorship program is coming specifically from that person and their website. Also I think lots of companies don't want their promotions and/or coupons posted on sites like these because the people who post them may not get all the facts correct which in return causes problems for the company, or because they're trying to reach out to people locally and instead the deal goes to people all over the world, or that they don't want their sales published anywhere where they haven't personally approved of and affiliated themselves with. Sometimes companies want to target certain kinds of people or certain regions. They have many reasons for not wanting their material on sites like these.


Danielle Bray Makes sense. I did ask Dealspotr to remove the deals the company wanted removed. I'm a very reasonable person, I just didn't like being threatened.


Who cares? How interesting! Haven't yet seen something like that. interesting that menards it listed on retailmenot, too

David Lao

Who cares? Hi Who Cares! We are always glad to hear any feedback, tips, and questions. As mentioned some companies may have a marketing or branding strategy that may exclude certain sites. If that is the case, we respect the wishes of those companies. We strive to create a great experience for all Dealspotr's.