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what happens with the rewards?

It's frustrating to see how you adjust your account each time you wait for a payment, I do not know how to work, it gives the impression that you do not want to send more payments. It would be good if they gave a better explanation of what to do or simply said that they will not send more rewards and thus one stops wasting time.


NESTOR NUÑEZ if they adjust your account is because you are having a bad behavior. Such as excesive validating number, posting deals that aren't helpful at all (for example adding coupons Single Use on a page who has 100 coupons Single use), boosting points, and so.


NESTOR NUÑEZ Hi, it looks like your account was flagged for confirmation abuse. This is not the first time you've received this penalty, but your activity has not changed. We ask that users mix up their deal posting activity after a penalty. This activity should move away from abusive behavior, and towards more helpful deal posting for the community. If we don't see this change, there is likely to be another penalty applied to your account.

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