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What reason for invalidating a deal?

My question concerns invalidating a deal in which the promo code is incorrect (such as having a typo). None of the reasons for invalidating in the drop down menu seem to apply. Perhaps there should be one for "Promo code incorrect" or something similar? Or if not, which reason should I choose to be accurate?

Emily Helwig

Vicki Floyd I think if the promo code itself is incorrect, I would choose to "invalidate this deal as not working." Then, people will understand that the promo code is incorrect. You can add the news code as a separate deal.

Vicki Floyd

Emily Helwig Hi Emily - yes, I realize that I need to choose 'invalidate' but then there is a pop-down menu that asks me to select the reason that I am removing the deal. "Incorrect promo code" is not an option. Here's a screen shot. Which item in the pop down menu would be appropriate?

Emily Helwig

Vicki Floyd I think for now I would select Not a Deal (since it's the most generic). I will put in a feedback tip to include something along the lines of "incorrect promo code." Thanks!