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What's your secret to saving money on laundry?

Know a hack to wring savings out of each load of laundry you do? What's the best value detergent on the market? Share your money-saving laundry tips here!


Dealspotr Support 1) Reuse dryer sheets - they can be used 2-3 times before really needing to toss them!

2) I buy laundry detergent when there's a rock bottom sale price since no one in my family has sensitive skin. So we don't have to worry about using a particular brand.

3) I also make my own laundry detergent. (here is how I do it if anyone is interested). I spend maybe $15-$20 and get a full cat litter container of litter powder and only need to use about 2 tablespoons per wash!


Dealspotr Support I always buy my laundry detergent at Costco to save money (as I always have to get the unscented sensitive formula for my son's sensitive skin and my allergies). Also, I tend to use a little less detergent than the fill line on the cap and it works just as well while using less product. I skip dryer sheets (because of allergies to synthetic fragrance) and instead use wool dryer balls (you can find them on amazon) with a drop of essential oil...works great!


Dealspotr Support We all have sensitive skin at my house and Tide Free & Gentle works best for us. It's not the cheapest brand but Kroger offers deals on it all the time. They often offer $2 off coupons that I load to my card. They also include Tide in many of their sales, such as buy 6 items save $6. If I can catch it on sale plus use a coupon, I get it at a fairly decent price.


Dealspotr Support Skip the fabric softener and add vinegar to your rinse instead. It works just as well, eliminates the harmful chemicals and is so much cheaper.


Dealspotr Support We use dryer balls, they are reusable and less waste than dryer sheets. We also wash everything in cold water to save on energy costs.


Honestly, I have tried all kinds of detergents including DIY kinds. However, the kind that works best and saves me the most money is the super inexpensive Mexican powdered detergent from Walmart! Under $4 for a huge bag!