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When/How Are Influencer Scores Updated

Since joining, our stats and analytics have improved greatly, but we haven't seen a change in our Influencer Score. Is there anything we need to do manually or does this automatically update at times? (Weekly, monthly, etc.)


Emily Helwig

Christine Koehring Hi Christine! You social stats update once/day, and your blog stats update once/month. Which of your channels has seen the greatest growth? Your score looks like it was just updated, but I can try to take a look to see what might be happening.


Emily Helwig Okay. I think our score has always been 18 and hasn't changed. Our blog has seen an enormous increase in traffic recently, so was just wondering if that would have an influence on our number.


Emily Helwig Now our score has actually gone DOWN to a 13, despite increasing numbers on all platforms. I've emailed you a couple of times with the data you requested as well. Any help would be great!

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