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Where do I find my Payment?

Hi, I completed a campaign with PetQwerks last Fall and have no idea where I find my payment. I just emailed her and she said she approved my work and that my money should have been released to me and if it was, I have no idea where to find it.


Rachel Auerbach Hi! you were so helpful that I wanted to share this, I requested the $40 be paid to me on February 12, (still don't have it)...just checked and this is what it said


$40 PayPal Payment (for 40,000 points) was requested on 2/18/2019 (I didn't request it today, I requested it on the 12th and I DESPERATELY need it!)


Dealspotr Support Hi Dealspotr, can you tell me why it is still listed as "processing" when I submitted the request on February 12? This is beyond ridiculous and I am more than likely going to leave Dealspotr. It's ridiculous.


caren gittleman Hi Caren, while we aim to process all redemptions within 7 days, there can be delays due to volume increases and other factors. Rest assured, your payment is being processed, and will be paid out via PayPal shortly.