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Which sites do you use to save on vacations or getaways?

There are plenty of sites that revolve around frugal trip planning. What are your go-tos for flights, hotels, rental cars, and everything else it takes to plan a great vacation?


Dealspotr Support This probably isn't the type of answer you're looking for, but my go-to for booking travel is the USBank travel rewards website. I put everything I buy on my Flexperks card and then save up all my points for airfare. And fun fact about me: in my corporate days, the Flexperks travel booking site was my project -- I worked for a loyalty marketing company and we built the site from the ground up for US Bank.

As for more convention travel-booking sites, I'm the person who opens up 17 windows to find the best price. I have no attachment to any of them, but I do book on Hotels.com quite a bit (again, because they have a loyalty program).

Catherine Brock Wow - how interesting!! So cool that you built something that allows people to enjoy themselves on a nice vacation. I'm also into shopping around for bookings, but Google Flights has definitely made things easier for me!


Dealspotr Support I live in a tourist town, so I know lots of tricks to get good deals. Even though the boardwalks here (Wildwood, AC, Ocean City, etc) are only open in the summer, you can buy passes all year. If you order around Christmas, you can get them for about 50% off. Even around Easter, they are still a lot less then buying them once the season actually starts. If you have a local friend with children, the schools always sell passes in the spring for a great discount as part of funraisers for after prom parties and such. I'm sure the same is true for other tourist destinations throughout the country.