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Why do not you give me my gift card?

How can I do it? Because they send me the message that says I have to change my activity, but I did everything they ask me to create offers and add codes. but they do not send me anything anyway. please help!


Marivel Mendoza The same thing happens to me, I do not know what to do anymore, I'm creating an offer by adding codes I do everything but they still reject my card and they keep saying the same thing.


Caely ortega I have been denied the gift card 7 times, I do not know what to do anymore!


Caely ortega Now they are very strict with everything, I am creating offers doing everything but still they do not give me anything.


Marivel Mendoza Hi, it looks like you've received a few messages explaining that in order to receive a gift card you need to show a change in activity. In your case, this would mean a move away from editing deals and a move towards creating deals. I can see that you have made the effort to create more deals recently, so you are on the right track. Continue to focus on creating accurate deals and you will receive a gift card.

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