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TavemCa no worry i think David will give you a fair explaination


TavemCa Hi! I've moved your question to "How to Use Dealspotr." When posting a question in the forums please try to post in the appropriate section. Questions on deal posts should be posted in "How to Use Dealspotr."

I took a look at your deal and it looks like this was in fact an in-store printable, so your edit was invalid.


Dealspotr Support


My edit is valid

Look This is a promo code no a printable

This is a print screen of a email with the promo code for you register in nursy pillow

Nursy Pillow is a online store no a fisical store

Review this is a no printable , no say print or present is a promo code online

You Must Flagged @Eliannyfreitez this deal information other type


TavemCa I credited you back the lost points. In the future, if you find a deal that is labeled incorrectly be sure to change it do not simply point out the error in your tip.