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Why Does My Accuracy Score Not Increase?

Hi ! Recently my accurate score down , and this week i make others validations well done and my score no increase , what i can do for up my score .

Please help!!


Jose Boliva my accuracy score also from +4 to 0 now...


Jose Bolivar Hi! You can review every point deduction by clicking on the "All Notifications" tab of your profile page. To get there you must first click on your profile pic in the top right-hand corner of the site. Then click "My points & gift cards." Now click "Notifications." Lastly, select "All Notifications."


Dealspotr Support

Helpme to Up my score

you Can Please , i want make the things better and colaborate with this comunity of dealspotr.

With a 01 validation per day i cant up my accurate score :(