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Why so many adjustment of points of the moderation team of Dealspotr, on the same agreements?

Hi, I've received 3 points adjustment from the Dealspotr moderation team on the same deals or offers, committing the next $ 10 gift card reward, which is unfair, because I take the dedication to this activity very seriously, as such I request an explanation, that helps me improve the validations and motivates me to continue participating. I appreciate the attention provided.


Sara Toro Hi! I've moved your question to "Bug Reports & Feedback." When posting a question in the forums please try to post in the appropriate section. Gift card questions should be posted in "Bug Reports & Feedback." I took a look at your account and it seems like you've been penalized for limiting your deal posts to high volume stores. After a penalty, we look for a change in activity on Dealspotr - this activity should move away from abusive behavior, and towards more helpful deal posting for the community. We did not see a change in your deal posting, thus you received another penalty.

Sara Toro

Dealspotr Support They can not take a change if I have not participated for 5 days, because I was absent. That is not correct, because they continued to penalize the same validations. You can not penalize several times for the same fault. Thanks for answering.