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Win an Amazon Echo digital voice assistant on February 17, 2017

Post your feedback in this thread to secure your official entry into the contest! Remember the guidelines, listed below:

The contest will run from today, 2/10/17, until the end of the day on Friday, 2/17/17.

To qualify, you must complete the following requirements:

  • Post at least 10 new deals/validations on Dealspotr.
  • Leave a feedback note on this thread.

This contest is only open to Dealspotr users who reside in the United States and Canada. We will select the winner out of all qualified candidates, and notify the winners next week! We will post the results here, and on our social media pages.

Good luck!


To be honest, I had taken a little bit of a break from Dealspotr because it seemed like it was harder to earn points lately, but in the past few days I've jumped back on and am really loving how great things are looking now. I definitely realized that writing your own tips 'pays' with much higher points, so while it takes more work, I great appreciate it. Also, I am actually seeing now more easily when deals are site wide. I'm not sure if this was updated or if I'm just now noticing this, but I know in the past I'd had some of my validations rejected because I had not noticed that they were sitewide, so if this was a recent change, its greatly appreciated. (If it is not, disregard! Ha!) One thing I did notice that had changed since my previous posting on Dealspotr was that when there is a deal that expires on the DAY its been posted (as with flash sales, etc), you cannot use that current day as the expiration. I am having to put the next day and just noting in my tips and even titles the actual expiration, but it would be great if we could actually put the valid expiration date. Aside from that, the changes seem great... I feel like we're being fairly rewarded for the amount of work put in, things are much cleaner looking than when I first started Dealspotr, and I truly look forward to continuing to be part of this community!


Randi Sampson Thanks so much for your feedback! We are working to fix the expiration date bug ASAP. And do let us know if you think of anything else that you missed here!


I have been posting to Dealspotr daily, but like another has said, it does seem like points take a bit longer to add up than they used to. Still love the site, but feeling a bit disappointed in that aspect from when I first joined.


Welcome Emily! I am enjoying Dealspotr's upswings lately!


Emily I still feel like I'm figuring things out but have been enjoying it.

Carrie Pericola That's great - the best way to learn about Delaspotr is to just simply use it! But if you run into any bumps along the way, always feel free to reach out here or at emily@dealspotr.com for more help.

Emily I'd suggest allowing Verified Influencers and/or users with high accuracy scores to validate deals with fewer steps. Validating also gets a little redundant when the original poster includes an image of an email and the validator posts the same image. It would help to have checkboxes or options that allow you to simply indicate that you received the same email, saw the same offer on the store's site or previously used the deal. You could possibly offer less points for that and more points for when inaccurate deals are updated.

I'd also like to see Dealspotr reinstate rewards for spotting deals.


Anitra Elmore Hi Anitra, thanks for the feedback! I actually love the idea of a checkbox, but there may be some problems there with people abusing the system. But I am putting that one on our idea board for sure!


Emily Makes sense. Maybe offer no points for clicking the box and points for adding a unique image. Or, allow more points for the first person who validates. I'm sure you guys will come up with something ;-).


Emily The new forum is interesting. What do hidden replies mean? I cannot expand them, and there is no reason why they're hidden.. so maybe it'd be better not to see them at all?

i'd also like to see replies nested in the forum. If not nested, then a little differentiation between the original post (a slightly darker grey bg perhaps) couldn't hurt


Cole Martinez Hi Cole! Hidden replies are shown when someone posted something, and then deleted it. I don't think everyone should be able to see those, so I've reported them as a bug. As far as the forum threads, I will put that one under feedback. Thanks so much!!


Emily it looks like your replies are nested but not original ones. Mostly just replying tosee where it goes from here, ha


Cole Martinez Right! So the first post is at the top, and then the rest of the replies are below it. Then I think it only goes one level down, where replies to replies all stay on the same level, sort of like Facebook.


Emily I have been back and posting a few more deals this week so looking forward to new features! I also liked that I received my gift card redemption less than 12 hours from request this time! Show me the money faster:)


Tiffany Truxillo Hey Tiffany! So glad your'e enjoying using the site again. We try to stay as up to date on the gift cards as we can!


I Love this community!


Emily I am not loving the new search bar. It feels hidden. We shouldn't have to click twice to start typing.


Emily This contest got me back into the swing of things here at Dealspotr. I am excited for the forums and hope they will be active with the top members here.


Emily I have been enjoying dealspotr but i do find it difficult to add to my list of one more thing to do. Its hard to remind myself to always get on it everyday. I also struggle with finding deals that can be posted as new - everything i know about has already been posted. ;) But I find some where I can!!


Emily I just tried posting some deals and it says I hit my max. Could you explain this to me or tell me where to go for help? I only validated two deals today, so now I can't reach my goal and get my extra points because it won't let me post anything else. Any ideas?


Emily Let me clairfy, I validated a deal (I think I did two) but now it says in my daily tracker I only did 1, yet it won't let me post/validate any more deals. Hope this makes sense.


Kathy McClure Hi! When a user starts posting deals, they are under review for a few deal posts/validations before they can have access to posting more deals each day. This is so our moderators can see what you're doing, and make sure everything is correct in your deals and validations. Sometimes the moderators reject posts that are missing info, don't disclose a personal referral code, or have an affiliate link in them. There are other reasons too, but these are the most popular.

So long story short, you are still under review by our moderators. Once you get your deal rep up and post a few more deals, you should be able to start posting more per day. I really hope this helps, I know it was a lot of info here all at once.


Emily I find that I have stopped uploading deals and sharing on social media, simply because it has taken much longer for points to add up lately. I have posted a lot more in the past week than I did in the beggining of the year. I have had issues posting flash sales (end at midnight same day) because we are unable to pick the same day as experation dates, however I do find that validating is much easier overall. It is much easier to validate an already posted deal versus posting a duplicate deal. I miss the original "hot" and "fire" deals. Since the new scale has started, I have not had ONE hot or fire deal. I find that a lot of people often "like" a deal simply because they are told to do so on their daily checklist instead of ACTUALLY liking the deal. Overall, I find Dealspotter needs a few tweaks but I still love being part of the community.


I have noticed that when posting a deal that ends the same day as the day I'm posting, I can't use that day so instead I've been using the following day. I hate the fact that it's required to leave a tip when posting a promo code deal. I think this should be optional. I also wish you could edit your posted deals without having to go through a validation process. Sometimes after posting a deal I will notice that I made a boo-boo of some sort but instead of being able to edit it, I have to validate it. I would love it if once you initiated a deal and then someone else trys to post that same deal, it would say something along the lines that the deal is already in the process of being posted. I can't tell you how many times I've initiated a deal and it hadn't been posted yet but by the time I was ready to submit it, someone had already beaten me to it.


Angela Bailey Hi!! Thanks for the feedback. I agree with you on the whole initiating a deal at the same time as someone else. That's happened to me too! As always, I've recorded this feedback and hopefully we can work to find a solution soon.


Emily It took me a moment or too to understand how to navigate everything, but once I got the gist of it I've been having a blast! DealSpotr is the first thing that I log into everyday.


Emily Hi all, as a Canadian, I've been finding it a little challenging so I took a bit of a break (and got married haha) but I'm back and ready to get back into the swing of things again!


We’re excited to announce the winner of our Amazon Echo giveaway contest! To qualify, users had to post 10 deals in the last week, and also leave a feedback comment in this thread.

And without further ado… The winner is… Angela Bailey! You are now the proud owner of an Amazon Echo digital voice assistant.

Thanks to everyone who entered! Looking forward to seeing you all around the site.