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working with concern

It is very uncomfortable to work and be afraid that you may be losing your job since there are several cases of active users in which their accounts were closed and without the right to refute. and the moderators and administrators do not respond if there was any change that may be affecting the work of all administrators only respond to complaints that suit them Jimmy Doheny Nick Chin

Jimmy Doheny

yilcary cordero Yilcary, I always respond to you very quickly and am currently privately messaging with you. We do not disable accounts unless we catch them participating in fradulent activity. The accounts you reached out about had many cases of repeated fraud and we closed their accounts. There have not been any changes with the site, we're just catching more users trying to abuse the system in different ways.

Owens armand

Jimmy Doheny What are they doing with users who only reactivate? I see them even in the community and I thought that abusing a single activity is enough to close an account.