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Wrong Invalidation From Dealspotr Community

Hi, I need to get my 2 Accuracy Score points back, cuz I get a notification about this deal: https://dealspotr.com/deal/-ds-get-20-off-your-entire-purchase-at-summer-soulstice-bou saying that It was already expired, when is clear that the deal is still active, and it ends on 05/10/19. The information about the expirection date was delivered by the owner of the store via Facebook, so, you need to be more careful about the invalidations that you "community" gives, cuz, not always is correct, as u can see.

Here is the screenshot that prove that the deal is still active and working. The date is also included on the screenshot.

Yessi Gal

Ibraim P. Stop too the edit referral codes after you add... This behavior is bad for the community too

Jimmy Doheny

Ibraim P. The guidelines state that "provide evidence of expiration date, if none, default to 4 weeks." This is why you were penalized since you did not show evidence of the date. The screenshot does not show an expiration date from what I can see.