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Yard Saling!

How many of you amazing deal spotters love a good yard sale? Have you gone out lately? I love to see a good yard sale haul--- share a photo in the comments. Or share your best tips for making the most out of your yard sale trips!


Randi Sampson My husband likes to go out on a Friday instead of a Saturday. Often he finds tools and machinery for a great price.


Randi Sampson My town is currently on the last day of a town-wide garage sale weekend! This is absolutely the best way to make the most of your time. Find cities that coordinate town or city wide sales and hit as many as you can! They're my favorite. :)


Randi Sampson I love garage sales!!!! They are so fun. I usually make the mistake of buying something that I don't really need because it's $1 or $2, but sometimes I actually find something that I love!


I am having one this weekend!


Love all of these ideas--- one thing I always tell people is not to be afraid to bargain. When I have yard sales of my own, I price things above what I actually hope to get out of it, so I have room to negotiate ;)

Also, timing is everything. Go early for the best selections, but if you go at the end of the sale, you're more likely to find people willing to come down to get it gone! :)