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need some help

I dont understand what i did wrong with my deal- Personal referral code undisclosed during the deal creation- i dont know what it means. anyone can show me to avoid it. i have long time in this and im doing all as always. please help view more



HEY! they have lowered me from level 49 to 15 and they tell me that I have to publish for different stores and it is what I have done, not only do I confirm validation codes, but I have also reactivated. will it be possible for you to tell me if it is an error or not? Because if so, why have you warned me for weeks that I've done something wrong? I was always told that I was fine and from one day to the next I got points for no reason? I need an answer. view more


I have a question

What to do when the option to reactivate a Promotional Code and in the part to load the date is blocked the date on which you want to place the offer? For example, the offer expires on March 26 and in the date calendar it only leaves place from April 20 onwards. view more