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Why is it happens?

After changes you made validation and re-activation can't be made. It says the images can't be uploaded and those images was uploaded good before changes. Are these part of changes you made? view more


Brand/Merchant Issues

I was accepted to a couple of campaigns 2 months ago (december) and both brands did not exactly follow through with the campaign. One brand went outside of Dealspotr to send me the products (withouth pay, though payment was stated under the dealspotr campaign) and I completed the requirements and posted to Instagram anyway. The second brand accepted me into their campaign but I have waited 2-3 months and the product has still not been shipped. Is this normal here on Dealspotr? These are the first and only campaigns I have applied and been accepted to and I'm unsure if I want to apply to anymore since I really don't know what to excpet. I would appreciate any help or resolve to this thread. Thanks! view more


Looking for Experience WordPress Developer

Hi, I am Jack. I want to build a website in WordPress . I am looking for WordPress Developer who has vast experience in WordPress Customisation, Plugin Development and many more. I aslo want to promote by business through SEO. Where i get these two services . Can anybody please recommend any Web Development Company in India. view more

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