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What's the proper formatting for a tip?

Every time I add a deal, I leave a tip saying "Enter in the website and the discount will be already active on the article" or things like that (Because most of my deals are like that) and I just get penalized for " formatting, grammar, incomplete information " but why? I mean I don't see anything wrong with the tip, sometimes I even add the same comment and I don't get penalized. I've read the guide several times but I still don't understand what's going on. For example "Enter in the website, select the article and you will get a great deal on this product." What's wrong on this tip? Please help!! :( view more


Deals that use different codes for each person.

So there's at least 1 website, I think there's more though, that email every person with a different code for the promotion they are offering. Like, today I literally see at least 3 duplicate posts but they're each using a different offer code for it so I think everyone is getting a different code emailed to them. I'm not sure what could be done about it, but it's a little goofy if you ask me. view more


Expiration Date

Why does the exipiration have optional next to it? When I skip that step because sometimes the details of the deal do not always express the expiration date I am forced to go back and choose between future date, set end date, and ongoing sale. view more


Spam in Forums

Can something be done about the spam being posted in the forums? A spammy thread once in a while is tolerable but I've noticed it's been increasing lately. view more


What's your favorite book?

Whether you're on a relaxing vacation or enjoying the springtime weather on your back patio, there's never a bad place to kick up your feet and read a good book! What's the one book that changed your life, or one that you could read over and over again? view more


Show us photos of you Dealspotting!

We know you're all working diligently to make sure Dealspotr is the most up-to-date and accurate deal site on the web. But we want to see how you do it! Are you set up on the couch with your feet up, laptop in hand? Are you out scouring the malls and storefronts looking for sales? Share a photo of yourself spotting deals here! view more