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I need a answer about this...

Why am I getting a invalidation on all of this deals? I need a answer more explicit, cuz all I got is that I have "Problems with my screenshots" and that is not a real answer. You guys need to work on how to explain why you give people a invalidation with more details. view more


Expiration date

I have heavly penalized in the last 2 weeks (a deduction of 20.000 points in the last 2 weeks) apparently the cause is beacuse I set expiration dates wrong. So let's suppose I post a deal today (june 26th); but, the page doesn't give me the information about when the deals ends exactly. Taking into account dealspotr rules I set the expiration date for 4 weeks. It means it will end on July 17th. Is that ok for other users? view more


Why my offers were marked?

Can someone explain to me please, I am new and I have done several validations and he says: Oops! Your validation: 15% discount on your order in Warner Bros. Shop (whole site) It was marked for the following reason: Problem with your screenshot (for example, it was not clear, it was not a screenshot generated from a way alone, your offer has not been validated). Your accuracy score has been affected. Thank you for helping us create a great experience in Dealspotr by reviewing your validations! view more


My gift card was not sent

Hi there, could you please check why I haven't received my last gift card? I requested it on 6/14 and my dashboard says it was already sent on 6/20, but there is nothing in my email. Also it was supposed to be a Visa gift card. I'v been waiting but still nothing. view more


Why my deals got flagged?

Good day. I want to know if you can help me with 2 deals I got flagged because I dont know why it happened. First, those two deals were edited after I reactivate them. Second, they were disclosed as referral codes where this code has been reactivated for a long time without being an acutal referral code! and finally they were edited as if the expiration date is not known where I always follow the rules to put dates of expiration in all deals. Thanks in advance. view more


Influencer score

How often do you guys update the influence score for a certain platform. I was told the best way to increase your score is to increase your engagement. I had a few instgram post lately that have received huge engagemnt with likes, comments and views yet my score has not changed one bit. view more


What is wrong??

Oops! Your validation: Save $30 Off on all orders over $60 was flagged for the following reason: The deal title had issues with formatting and style. Your Accuracy Score may have been affected. Thank you for helping us create a great experience on Dealspotr by reviewing your validations! view more


Gift card delays

Due to the holiday weekend, we are catching up on gift cards. We really appreciate all your hard work sharing deals with the community and patience as we catch up here. We are processing them currently and plan to catch up to the 7 day window over the next few days. view more