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Quiero Decir Adios...!!

Este post lo hago en mi idioma original por que se que la mayoria son compañeros de venezuela los que durante los ultimos 2 años trabajamos en esta pagina. y pudimos ganar tarjetas de regalo que no ayudaron a sobrellevar la situacion de pais, ya conocida por todos. en este post quiero dar la gracia a esta pagina por la oportunidad y esperando que la nueva pagina tenga un exito similar o superior, y espero que los demas usuarios sepamos darle un uso adecuado y mantener la calidad de la misma. view more


Need help contacting someone at Dealspotr

Hi, I completed 2 different campaigns and am having trouble getting anyone to email me back to see if I have made any sales. I wrote a blog post for Buddha Beachwear and was given a personal code. If I sold any flip flops on that code I was to recieve $5 each pair. I published the post, and promoted on social media and in my weekly newsletter several times. I emailed the contact name for this company twice and have yet to hear back from anyone to see if I have made any sales view more


pending payments

Good day I received a gift card today, and I have yet to claim another, but despite the fact that I got one today, the claim button was not enabled, then I would like to know what happens, because they said that if we had cards pending gift to claim we had until the 30th of this month to claim them, I would like you to give me reason for this inconvenience, to enable me to claim my last charge on this platform, and start arriving in the new one, I welcome your comments! view more