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does not load the dealspotr.com page in my browser

Good afternoon, I need assistance please, I have problems with my internet for days, today in the morning it got worse ... I was on the page dealspotr and from one moment to another my internet was cut, when I restart the connection it no longer allows me to enter the page, does not load absolutely nothing, I have all day trying to enter the page and I do not succeed, what could it be? Could it be because of the sudden change in the IP of my connection? I don't understand, I would appreciate the help view more


Refering New Users- Brands and Influencers

I have done blog posts in the past (a few years ago) about Dealspotr and had several people sign up under me. Since I have a growing number of brands asking how to participate I wanted to do a new post about Dealspotr with some new ideas for brands as well as influencers. Where is my referral code? I know where my badge is to post on my website so brands can see it but I'm not seeing where I can earn points for referrals anymore. My badge for working together only brings my to my personal page not a signup page for brands or influencers. view more


Good Day Friends from dealspotr, I have a problem.

Good afternoon friends of Dealspotr, I have a complaint since I feel that the warning I received was unjustified, you speak of a bug in the dealposting projects which I have supposedly been taking advantage of I have reviewed my activity the last 7 days and it never appeared that I have claimed a same store repeatedly times so I ask for an answer and please be well reviewed the case, since the only thing they manage is to affect my accuracy percentage, I really appreciate your time and that you have a platform like this to earn income extra, without further limitation I say goodbye, waiting for my case to be attended. view more


Campaign code not working

Hi all, I've been accepted to do a campaign for a brand using a personalized discount code. I've tested the code on the website but it is not working. Anyone has any idea why this is so. I am supposed to write a blog post to promote this campaign but seeing the code doesn't work, I don't know what to do. Any suggestion are welcome. view more


How to submit campaign post?

Hi! I just need to know how to send a merchant my campaign post that I wrote up for them? I finished my end of the deal, posted it on my blog today. But don't I need to send back the proof to them somehow? I just can find anything about this in my Dealspotr account. view more