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My influence score or session was removed a week ago

I hope you all have a nice day, I guess that many people are in the same situation that I, the last week I verified my account as an influencer, where I started my own blog and twitter account to engage with people, but while I was waiting to the answer of my first campaign, my influence score was totally removed, and I can´t apply to any campaign now or reactivate my influence. view more


Unfair advantage

Hi, i'm making this complaint because most of the people who post at Dealspotr are feeling useless due the reason that this page offers you the opportunity of looking for new stores and to post offers first in orders of getting more points. There is a usser who has more advantage than all of us, he receives the codes more early on his email, post the codes sometimes without showing the store who offers it (and some users including me have suffered points reductions for posting offers without showing that) and basically we have 0 oportunitties of posting codes on most of the stores because that user is taking advantage. This is only a sugestion but from Monday to Monday from 8 am to 6 PM we dont have the opportunities to post because of that view more


answer 11/2

Good morning, the omission to not respond with seriousness of the situation of what happens and above all not give estimated dates of stability or not of the processes leaves much to say, understanding, work and patience is what has been had of the what we do in Dealspotr, but specific responses from the sponsors do not, they just copy and paste the same answer. and the rest we must understand, please gentlemen. view more


That Rudeness 😡

this is an abuse by you, the community helping you and so we pay , ignore the messages last almost a month to give payments , we would like to know that already this is an abuse more than 19 days waiting for payments , exactly 20 days today and still I have not received my payment , neither replies 😡 view more



Good morning, sorry if I break the rules on something, I've been working in the DealSpotr community for a while now, and a few days ago they took away the "influencer" category, and I'm being penalized for travel validations from weeks ago, due to that my score I have reduced it considerably, please ask me to review my account, and I have payment delays from the day 2/8/2019 until today's date. Thanks, I hope your attention. view more

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