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Campaigns that never happen?

Why are there so many campaigns that never show they are working with anyone? They sit there for weeks and weeks & the merchant never chooses people to work with. They never decline your application either. Is there a way this can be cleaned up? Or they can expire after an acceptable period of time? It should not take 3 weeks for them to pick someone to work with. view more


I have not received payment

good, usually it is only two days for your gift card to arrive and I have to receive it or at least one response and I do not know anything, I would like to know why the delay and how long it lasted. Thank you view more


gift card and checklist

Good morning on August 16 claim a gift card and it has not arrived and the checklist has a week and the answer they say is always the same being a company so serious, reliable and responsible do not know how to give concrete answers and clear. view more


Problem with your screenshot

Oops! Your validation: Get 20% Off on Any Orders at Melblok was flagged for the following reason: Problem with your screenshot (e.g. it was not clear, not a uniquely generated screenshot, did not validate your deal). Your Accuracy Score may have been affected. Thank you for helping us create a great experience on Dealspotr by reviewing your validations! view more


Edit is invalid?

How is it possible to be wrong if what I did was to reactivate this deal, even if you review the deal you'll see that it is done, I reactivated and it was someone else who edited it. view more


Product not shipped

I was approved for a campaign on 8/8 but it still does not show it was shipped. I obviously can't do the post without the product but have had no contact from the brand after they approved me and no notice that it has shipped? How does this move forward? view more