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Please help

Hi. According to the correction my image is not clear enough to validate my publication but there is clearly seen the applied code, the discount and the logo of the store. Or is there something else to add? view more


Reference codes

Hello, dear community, we need a change with respect to the reference codes. You can not work with these types of codes simply because they do not give points, so it is not worth working with these codes, although it has been explained how these codes continue to generate a lot of confusion. view more


I have a question

I want you to explain what is really a BOGO offer. I understand that BOGO for its letters is Buy One Get One. Then there are offers like Buy One Get xx% Off On The Second or Buy 3 Get One Free and other offers where when buying a product a discount is given or if a certain amount is purchased of products. These offers that are Buy xx Get xxxx format must be marked as BOGO? He was already penalized and I do not want to repeat the mistake. Thank you view more


Gift card delivery

Good afternoon, a question to the moderators. Has the deadline for the delivery of gift cards changed? It's been 8 days and I still do not receive my gift card, I expect a quick response. view more


❤ Mother's Day Giveaway ❤

On this coming Mother's Day, we are giving away FREE Candles to 3 lucky winners. These candles are made with a premium, soft, highly refined perfume-grade fragrance to ensure the safety and originality. The heavenly calming fragrance adds instant ambiance to your home, cleaning your body and soul and lulling you off to sweet dreams. view more

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