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"Server error"

Hi! Today it's been dificult to post deals. Idk If is only on my account, but, when I upload a new deal I have to do it 2 or 3 time cuz when I get into the last step to share the deal I found, it says that "server error". I refresh the page and send me out of my account, also says that the site is "Temporarily unavailable" :( Is this issue happend to anyone else? TY! view more


Paypal Process Time?

I requested a paypal cash out on 7/23 and its still pending. I never received any sort of confirmation email or anything and I was wondering how long it typically takes to process? view more


What to include in a gift bag/tote?

Starting in August my mom will be undergoing radiation therapy to the head/neck area and I wanted to put together a tote for her full of things she can enjoy and would give her comfort before and after her treatments. Any ideas of what kind of products I should include? view more


Need to know what is wrong with this

Oops! Your validation: Get 15% Off Your First Purchase at Watch Station (Single-Use Code) was flagged for the following reason: Problem with your tip (formatting, grammar, incomplete information). Your Accuracy Score may have been affected. Thank you for helping us create a great experience on Dealspotr by reviewing your validations! view more


While reviewing your account

The Dealspotr team sent you a message: "While reviewing your account, we realized that your accuracy score is too low to receive your reward. We will not take any points from you, but your request for a gift card will be denied. Please try again when your accuracy score has improved." view more


problem with my gift card

Good morning, I read that your gift card will arrive between 2 to 7 days. good and I've been waiting for 8 days and still nothing that give me an answer I would like to know what is happening, because they have not given me my gift card. view more


Post Pending for over a week?

I have a post for Nganic pending for over a week, I've tried messaging the client AS well as Dealspotr and I havent gotten anywhere. The client shipped the product and then everything went radio silent. How long does it typically take for posts to be approved? What is everyones experience...this was my first and I'm not overly impressed... view more


a question

a question and not yet passed me my gift card, I hope that methe apruben because tantato wait until they approve you giftcard, need to consider the effort that people make that theyapproved the gift card and have to wait 2 to 7 days because soexpect those days if they deny you the card view more

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