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Im not getting points!

For some reason almost all of the deals that I have been validating today are not giving me any points, Also, I dont really know why but my accuracy score has been really low (Yesterday was 31 and i could validate all the deals i want, and now is 29 and i can only validate 15) I say this because im really great validating deals and adding screenshots, so i find this really weird, view more


Printable coupons that also have a promo code?

There was a deal recently, where a printable coupon also had a promo code, but I don't think I could have both on the same deal. And a while back I uploaded a deal that I later found out had a printable coupon but I couldn't edit my post to have it labeled as an in-store printable. I didn't want to upload the same deal again in case someone invalidated it as a duplicate, or something like that. view more


How to fix your posted deals?

I've noticed that people have been "invalidating" some of my stuff, such as for being incorrectly labeled as a site-wide deal, (one which wasn't even originally mine but I revalidated it so I guess it became mine?). Well I went to edit my deal to try and take the "site-wide" tag off but for some reason it wouldn't remove itself, it kept showing as site-wide even though I clicked it off. And with another post I kept uploading screenshots but they weren't showing for some reason. I don't know if it's glitchy or if there's bugs or what but something needs to be fixed. And another thing is there was a promo code that I went to validate but someone seemed to have mistakenly set it to start in the future, but the deal already started so I kept trying to fix it but I couldn't see where to fix the start time so there was nothing I could do. And there was at least one expired deal that I reactivated but it kept saying it expired. So I dunno, a few things to fix I guess. view more


Pin Numbers

Glitch: When re-activating a deal with a PIN number, you can't change the PIN. I have been running this issue with Land's end a lot. I put the new pin in the comments, but users may still have a problem when they go to use the code. view more


No URLs as Codes

Today I tried to add a coupon code, which is also a URL. I was met with this message: " Please enter a valid code. Hint: URLs cannot be used as codes." I therefore cannot add the code, which works to take $50 off the purchase because the code is in the form of a URL. view more


What to do when 2 different deals are using the same code?

So I just discovered, and I think I have before, that there are 2 different deals on the same site using the same code, only problem is that you can't submit a deal with the same promo code as another on this site. You can only edit the other one but I feel like adding 2 deals under the same code seems like a bit much because of how big the title would end up being. view more


I can not claim my gift cards

Hi everyone if someome can help me I have a problem. I got $20 to claim and I can not do that because the system tell me that the another GC is on process but I received that GC already and for that reason I can not claim another one, someone can help me pls? view more