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One Day Deals

I have noticed that when I try to post a deal that is good for that single day  I get a message saying I can't use that days date. It says something like "can't use expired date as end date" even though that day hasn't ended.  Do you not want us to post one day deals? view more

Fairy in: General Help

What should you do if you think your posts are being "invalidated" unfairly?

Lately I've been afraid to post deals as "sitewide" even if the email or whatever says it's sitewide because people keep flagging my posts as incorrectly labeled as sitewide. And also I recently had one flagged for something, like grammer, spelling, or problem with the title... but I don't see how there was anything wrong with it. I think people are confused or something. view more

Fairy in: General Help

So how do the rewards work?

I have a question about rewards. I already earned enough to redeem but I was wondering if I could just keep saving it up so that I can get a bigger reward, $10 is nice but I think it might be better to wait until it stacks up to redeem for a $100 card or something instead of having a bunch of 10's. Is it possible to do that or can you only redeem for $10 cards? I'd also hate to reach my next goal only to find out that I can't get the other $10 I already earned because I didn't claim it, are all rewards claimable and can they be saved up for a big single reward? view more


Nudging Referrals

Under our list of referrals, there an option to nudge our referrals (although I'm not sure if nudging them sends them an actual email or just a message through Dealspotr). I was wondering if in the future there could be a way we could nudge our referrals who have not confirmed their emails. For instance, Dealspotr would send them an email reminding them to complete their profile and confirm the email they used to sign up. I have several people who signed up with my link but never confirmed their emails, therefore, I never got any referral points from them, which also means they haven't fully checked out Dealspotr and seen how great it is. :) view more

susan in: General Help

Currency Problem

Hi, I recently posted a deal and it posted in US Dollars when it should be UK Pounds...how do I change it and how do I ensure any future deals are shown in pounds, Thanks view more


My Accuracy. ¿Maybe A Bug?

My accuracy has not increased since a few days. I have no invalidations on my account and besides that the day before yesterday my accuracy was 5, then, today in the morning was 4 and now at this time, it is still 5. Maybe this is a bug? Somebody could help me? view more


Someone else posted the same deal after me!

Ok, I'm going to admit I'm rather frusterated with this. I posted a deal that was going on 4 days ago, and now I see someone else posted the same thing after me 16 hours ago, and not only that but their deal is on fire and mine isn't. Should I report it as a duplicate or what? view more