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Adding direct URL/link on coupons

We've noticed more users are inputting a direct URL/link when adding a code. If a direct URL is needed for shoppers to find the deal/discount, please make sure you add the correct link. This is typically a page such as the Sale page, Category page, or a specific offer. view more


working with concern

It is very uncomfortable to work and be afraid that you may be losing your job since there are several cases of active users in which their accounts were closed and without the right to refute. and the moderators and administrators do not respond if there was any change that may be affecting the work of all administrators only respond to complaints that suit them Jimmy Doheny Nick Chin view more


My points & gift cards

My complaint is that I have been penalized again by subtracting 5000 thousand points when they had already subtracted me 3,000 thousand points a total abuse on their part, they take advantage of the people who dedicate time to this page a little more seriously since their payments are extremely low for the time and work that users dedicate to dealspotr I demand a prompt response view more