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Expiration Dates

Good evening, recently i lost two pointss for abussing on the expiration dates, and my question is, sometimes there are promotional codes from special dates like Memorial, Father and my question is: if that offer has no expiration date and we place the estimated date of that holiday, why do we have to put a month of expiration on that offer in case there is no proof of one, isn't that unhelpful because you are extending an offer who ended a while ago? view more


Gift card delays

Hi everyone, as many of your have noticed, there is a delay in the payment of gift cards right now. Please rest assured, you will be getting your gift cards soon — we are processing requests from 3/13 today, and will continue to work towards our 2-7 day window soon. view more


gift cards 05/15/2019

Good afternoon, I apologize for the inconvenience but I wanted to know if you comply with the regulations of the payments of the gift cards of 5 to 7 working days and that you request it on 05/15/2019 and to the date of today I have not received anything. could inform well of what happened view more