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Influence score Drop

Hello, i noticed my influence score keeps dropping, why is that pls? As am not happy about it at all, it was 67 and has dropped, all my social medias keep growing everyday and i even have a verified instagram page, i also notice my social media is not updated on your platform, is there anything am doing wrong? Will really appreciate is someone can respond to me. Looking forward to hearing from you view more


what happened here? this loads well .... and is correct information ...

Oops! Your validation: Get Free Shipping on Your Order Over $75 at Mr. Beer (Site-Wide) was flagged for the following reason: Information about your tip was entered incorrectly and misleading. Your Accuracy Score may have been affected.Thank you for helping us create a great experience on Dealspotr by reviewing your validations! - view your deal - View our deal posting guidelines for more details view more