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Help plz! Dude...

I would like to know if I lost my account because I made many codes wrongly. It tells me that I can only publish 1 code per 24hr, but wanting to publish it tells me that I have reached the daily limit. Please help. I only have 1000 points left for my GC view more


Where are the support for this app????

I cant understand why your allowing persons to have affiliate programs only and tricking people into thinking its pay per post .... i did a campaign with budder cannabis and i thought i was getting paid $74 for the Instagram campaign.... They requested of me to upload and i did for two weeks now ive been trying to reach someone for one week straight and no one as reached out because i noticed theres no steps to upload link of post and that budder cannabis as yet to accept me for post i reach out to them their saying they dont need to accept anyone you guys from dealspotr should just pay me and to me that makes zero sense. I deleted my post because i got so upset for doing free promotion for this campany and they dont want to accept me for the campaign so i can get paid 😤😤😤 someone from support please help view more


check please

Hi Jimmy, I have a question and I would like you to notify me what the guidelines were or verify again my work done for which my payment was denied alleging that I made an abuse, it is not so I made deals in a wide variety of stores and with few I do not understand the purpose of my penalty I hope your stupid answer thanks. view more