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bad changes again

one understands that the page must be updated, adapted to the times, but changing it simply with the intention of harming those who work every day on this page is illogical. A couple of months ago they did the same as now and it did not work. why do it again and wait for a different result ... if the intention was to improve the page at least they would bother to explain to users how to work correctly. Now without knowing which page is high volume is like flying blind. that's what they want. It is dishonest. view more



I have seen how there are users who only dedicate themselves to reactivations and very few publications of new codes or offers. To those users they make their normal payment ?? Are they really useful to the community? And not to mention the user @ saint11 that his abuse of reactivations is giant. If they are not useful, because they are still active on the page? They only harm those who really care about keeping the page active and with publications that are useful. view more


Good Morning. To Yenyen

I hope a quick response, because it is not fair that they are penalizing for something that at least in my case I already have almost 2 years in the community and I have come to do so. Now for you it is not well done. And I repeat it's time to benefit the user. More than 60,000 points and no points in my favor and a penalty -2 points. It has no logic And I hope that the moderator who penalized me will explain what is the correct title I would appreciate it view more


please help.

with this new update where I can see how many codes each store has, in which part does the number of codes appear? This is necessary to know which stores are large volume and avoid penalties view more