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Hi everyone, as many of your have noticed, there is a delay in the payment of gift cards right now. Please rest assured, you will be getting your gift cards soon — we are processing requests from 2/4 today, and will continue to work towards our 2-7 day window soon. view more


"Why was my gift card denied?" –– An explanation for gift card rejections!

We appreciate all your hard work on Dealspotr, which is why we like to reward our users! However, we also like to maintain a certain integrity of the website, which is why we provide Deal Posting Guidelines to guide you in posting on Dealspotr. If you broke one of our rules during your deal posting, you're likely going to receive a rejection to your gift card request along with a penalization. With every rejection, we have a skilled moderator review all of your activity from your last request to evaluate whether or not your activity is a positive addition to Dealspotr. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to deny gift cards because of invalid activity. If you're confused about your reason for rejection, here's a further explanation. view more



HEY! they have lowered me from level 49 to 15 and they tell me that I have to publish for different stores and it is what I have done, not only do I confirm validation codes, but I have also reactivated. will it be possible for you to tell me if it is an error or not? Because if so, why have you warned me for weeks that I've done something wrong? I was always told that I was fine and from one day to the next I got points for no reason? I need an answer. view more


@rachelauerbach Why my Edit is bad?

Oops! Your validation: Get 20% Off Your Order at Blue Steel (Site-wide) was flagged for the following reason: Edit is invalid (e.g. the changes were incorrect, the edit was unhelpful, the edit did not change anything on the deal.). Your Accuracy Score may have been affected. Thank you for helping us create a great experience on Dealspotr by reviewing your validations! - view your deal - View our deal posting guidelines for more details view more

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