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Bug Reports & Feedback

Running into a problem on Dealspotr? Have an idea for how we can make Dealspotr better? Share your bugs and ideas here.

Venezuela hi

I removed all the validation points and do not remove the penalty for more that you do the daily activations do not remove the -2 that left me have a week so why? view more

Question about Dealspotr

In an unexpected way I took my third sanction consecutively, first they took me 5000 points for alleged patterns of abuse, that disappointed me but since I had already invested a work of two weeks I also strive to do 3000 points to complete my reward of $ 20, despite only to have done 3000 points received a new sanction discontent 5000, that I did not see logic, because I decided not to work more and expect my reward of $ 10, and now I am surprised to remove 4000 despite not working. all to not send me a card that with effort I win. It seems to me that things should not be done that way view more

Can you explain what they want from us?

I am fed up with my work being invalidated as it is possible that I have 2 point adjustments when I changed my way of working and posting, contributing new codes and offers to the page, please explain well that it is for you an abuse on my I really do not understand anything, it seems to me an abuse towards my time, my work. 2 weeks working for nothing and now to upload the punctuation is very difficult, I do not understand what they want from us.can explain what they want from us view more

Editing for boosting points?

Lately I have seen some users editing posts without making any significative change (sometimes even they don't change anything) some of my deals get flag (my accuracy score didn't get affected at all) but can this be considered as bad behavior? Its like changing what's already correct. view more

complaint to admin @emily

Hi, a cordial greeting @emily, today I received the bad news that my first reconsidered for my hard work of validating coupons on your page was revoked, and I was fined unfairly by taking away 5000 points, I comment that I totally disagree with what that they did so correctly validate the coupons, and got my 10000 points honestly, it is not fair that now you come to penalize me taking away that amount of points so high. I totally disagree with what they did, I claim openly to verify my case again. view more