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Bug Reports & Feedback

Running into a problem on Dealspotr? Have an idea for how we can make Dealspotr better? Share your bugs and ideas here.


My points dissapeared

I have a huge problem. I got my $60 giftcard on 1/10/2020 which I asked on 1/4/2020. Since that day, I continued posting deals and I was ready to claimed a $20 giftcard last friday. Although, when I checked today I got the giftcard from last week but my 20.000 points were gone. From last Friday to Sunday I reached another 10.000 points and they are not available either. Basically, I should have 30.000 available to request a new giftcard instead I have 0 points. I would like to know where my points are??? view more


I need help please

One deal was quadrupled to me, when I tried to upload it to dealspotr, the pag was reported error, I thought it was because of the comment and press send several times, when I saw my agreements made I realized that the same deal had been posted 4 times. What can I do to keep me from leveling down? view more


they canceled my payment again

On December 24, 2019 I asked for a gift card of $ 150 and so far I had not worked on the page, the gift card should arrive on January 2, 2020 at the latest, today January 3 I received a notification telling me that for not having worked at that time they could not pay me. what mockery is this? According to you, if I do not want to continue working on this page, I cannot charge what I already worked? please I hope you help me with this to me nobody gave me those $ 150 and I won them with the sweat of my forehead. view more


Good night

I would like to know why I was penalized in this discount, because I was observing and I have not shown me any mistake just says that it was marked, but nothing then came to conclusion and it was unfair view more


Unfair penalty

A greetings team dealspotr I have received an email notifying me that I have abused the page, that is, I was labeled a cheat, I have been rejected the payment and to complete I have subtracted 4000 points and return from level 23 to 18. view more


Unfair Penalty and score removed

Hello, I would like to know why I was penalized with 3000 points less in my account and I was lowered from level 39 to level 29. I have been doing different tasks on the page but most of them have been reactivations of deals and product offers. I do not understand why the penalty. Could you explain to me where is the fault that I have committed? view more


Deal Posting Projects Problems

good afternoon I placed a new code in a store and pressed the button to win the reward points, but when I observe, it was generated twice, I put this here because, Some days ago I returned me a gift card because I was supposedly abusing of a problem with the projects view more


Payment returned

Hello, I requested a payment of $ 10 on December 20 and yesterday 30, the points returned to my account without any notification or penalty. I had to reapply for payment, I needed that $ 10 for early January and now everything will be for the second week of January. What problem did my account present so that they decided to return my payment and generate all this delay? Can you advance the payment? view more


Payment returned

Hi, because they paid me back the $ 20 payment that I had requested on 12/23. I do not understand that payment was being processed and should arrive soon, now I have to waste more time waiting. what's going on? I do not understand anything? view more