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Running into a problem on Dealspotr? Have an idea for how we can make Dealspotr better? Share your bugs and ideas here.


URL's failing to upload on profile

Ok, so this is my first time trying to cash out my points for a gift card... apparently I need to have URL's to one of my social profiles to be able to redeem for one (I don't understand why this is required but that's another question). Anyway, I tried to comply, I first tried twitter, that didn't work, facebook didn't work, and google+ didn't work. I can't get any of my social profile URL's to link, it just keeps saying "invalid URL". So I tried using it under the "website" section, and it worked. So I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Also I'm worried having one of my profiles listed as a website link, might not be good enough and I don't want my reward being denied because of it. -Update- I managed to get my google+ URL to work but the others are still not working. Also I now can't delete the google+ profile link I put up for "website". view more


Screenshots not uploading for some deals.

I've brought this up before. I happen to notice this time it's for an in-store printable. Some of them have a code that you can test online, which I did in this case but the screenshot didn't upload after submitting it. Looks like no one else was able to either. view more


Daily tasks resets to 0

I've been having this issue for a while so I figured you guys might not know about it. So the daily task starts at 4 and counts down. On every page, it'll load the correct number (2 if I've done 2 tasks) but doing anything on the page means it switches to 0 even if I haven't completed the tasks. So I need to click to another page or refresh to see the real number. view more


Why can't I edit a promo code once it's been added to the site?

Hello Emily Helwig, I have a strange case here xD. I was validating a code from the shop "corningware", then I realized that the code was wrong writed and I manage to get the real code (by erasing 1 letter from the code), the problem is that when I try to edit it, the page does not show the editing options. I read the forum and, see that other user have the same problem, and you say that to invalidate the deal and post a new deal with the correct code, but when I go post the deal, the loading spinner from the "When does this deal expire?" Keep spinning all day long xD. Then i need a little help here cause I don't know if this is a bug or something else. Here some Pics for reference view more


Issue adding new stores

The last few times I've tried to add a new store, I've been able to go through the steps to add a new store. I do everything and when I go to submit it says "store not found" then I have to redo the whole listing again with the code and instructions view more


Why was my accuracy score decreased?

Can't understand why levels are only going down quickly with no notification or explanation. It's very unfair because if you have 10 good deals your level doesn't upgrade, but if you have only one wrong deal or problem (sometimes problem doesn't exist as explained) your level drops quickly. I'm very discouraged. view more


Why is my accuracy score decreasing?

I have doing deals since I began two days ago in this page "DealSpotr", for the deals that it had realized, they had raised to 2 theirs positive, and today when I check, they me had returned to go down to 0, without any explanation, because I do not have any erroneous deal, and the page did not notify any mistake to me, then I want to ask for a solution to my problem, thanks you. view more


My accuracy score keeps falling - why?

I have worked as slowly as possible putting the specifications in the text of each offer, promotion and coupons, but I always get (format, grammar, incomplete information), I do not know what to do ... I'm tired after I'm in almost 28 Reaching Unlimited A little and already reached 4 in the score view more