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Running into a problem on Dealspotr? Have an idea for how we can make Dealspotr better? Share your bugs and ideas here.


I Still Have a Problem with my Points

Hello everybody.! I'm having a problem with my points, last week I redeemed a $30 gift card and I had a kind of bug, because in "My points & Gift card" options appeared 2 gift cards at the same time and when I tried to make a post or validation it showed me the box with the points for the validation but the point never appeared in the bar of progress. This afternoon I got mi gift card but all the points I made while the gift card was processing are not in my account, I lost 30000 point because of that failure, please help me. view more



I really do not understand why my account has been adjusted three times and they have sent me two warning messages, what are the abuses, maybe reactivating and mounting new deals are not tasks of this panel or I am wrong, or simply do not want to pay the rewards of hours of work, it seems to me that the abuse is on your part. view more


I Have a Kind of Problem with My Points and My Gift Card

Hi everybody.! I am having a kind of problem with my points and my gift card. The last weekend I redeemed a $30 gift card and is still processing, but the problem is that I already have done 20000 points and I was waiting you send me the $30 gift card and then redeem the new one but now appears in "My Points & Gift Cards" option 2 $30 gift cards on status of " Processing " and I don't have the 20000 point I already did. view more


"Help" trying to adapt to the new changes make the validation of this agreement and I made the following corrections I do not see where the error could ...

Oops! Your validation: Save 10% Off Your Next Purchase at Cariloha (Single-Use Code) was flagged for the following reason: Problem with your tip (formatting, grammar, incomplete information). Your Accuracy Score may have been affected. Thank you for helping us create a great experience on Dealspotr by reviewing your validations! - view your deal - View our deal posting guidelines for more details view more


hello, I need help

hello well, first what I want to know when they will help me solve the problem that is happening with my account, I have already invested a lot of time with you and I would really like to solve this problem as soon as possible, and it made me communicate with you by mail and never I received an answer, I do it through your administrators, sending direct messages and you do not answer me, ask me for an answer as soon as possible view more

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