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Bug Reports & Feedback

Running into a problem on Dealspotr? Have an idea for how we can make Dealspotr better? Share your bugs and ideas here.


What going on???

Can somebody explain me this?!!! The Dealspotr team sent you a message: "Thank you for participating in Dealspotr. We reviewed your recent activity, and unfortunately we saw patterns that match patterns of abuse or unhelpful deal posting which may negatively impact the user experience on Dealspotr. In your case, you’re exploiting a bug on deal posting projects, claiming a store more than once to earn invalid points. Please avoid doing this. Your account has been adjusted for this activity. We encourage you to continue your participation, please double check that any validations you’re making are truly helpful to shoppers on Dealspotr. view more


I'm stuck at Level 50

Good morning, I write this topic because I already have days stuck at this level. I know that as one level rises it is more complicated to get to the next one, but even if I add codes, offers, etc., I cannot get out of this level. view more


bad gift card

I am having one problem after another in this community of dealspotr they have sent me a code of $ 20 already used I hope prompt response and solution, the code is that of my last request I arrived on 11/14/2019 but it did not work because was used view more


I have been unfairly penalized, I was reviewing my activity and I saw that I have been penalized twice for the same coupon and I do not find the mistake of the ...

Oops! Your validation: Get 5% Off Your Order at Dollar Lash Club (Site-Wide) was flagged for the following reason: The deal title was not representative of the deal. Your Accuracy Score may have been affected.Thank you for helping us create a great experience on Dealspotr by reviewing your validations! - view your deal - View our deal posting guidelines for more details view more