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Bug Reports & Feedback

Running into a problem on Dealspotr? Have an idea for how we can make Dealspotr better? Share your bugs and ideas here.


What??? Seriously??

Good afternoon. Now, apart from taking too long to raise the score, you will lose 3 score points for one mistake ?? Seriously?? Every day it becomes more disappointing to continue working. Instead of being motivated, every day I feel more pressured and less eager to continue. I admit that it is very pleasant for me to work in this site, but I am already thinking about leaving it or looking for ways to
cheat the system (this I say because I know that the new workers are less difficult to raise the score) so that my work and my payment is taking less time. view more


Doubt about ''error server''

I want to make a complaint: I added a store and added a code, which when I went to validate it said "server error", I gave it twice and it was the same. I left I tried again and the code was already added 2 times (For me). This will result in lower levels? Since previously the same thing happened to me and they lowered me of level. And it's a server error, not me. view more


Please Help

Hi I'm stuck on Accuracy Score 61 for over a month now and I'm gaining the same amount of point since I was level 50 or so It could be a bug keeping me from getting more points? What's going on? Thanks. view more


Validation points were removed

Help, they removed all the validation points. Reason: Unfortunately, your Reputation as a Deal Editor fell below -15% and you can no longer post deals. You can still enjoy the other areas of Dealspotr .. Could you please help me? It was level 59, and all the code that I entered was of page that sevían. PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME?? view more


16 Days awaiting payment

Good afternoon, request a gift card on 08/2/19 16 days have passed and I have not received it. Why so much delay? You indicate that you are working to improve everything and that it will be done within the margin of 2 to 7 days and expect to return to what it was before, but 16 days exceeds twice the time stipulated by you. To be able to demand, they must also comply with their agreements. view more


Please help

Hi. My original account @DEYANETHGV has been closed without reason and I need help. I lowered the level from one day to another from 57 to -20 without allowing me to validate or publish new codes, when the previous day I could not upload new offers or validate to verify that if I made an error when publishing an offer or some poorly prepared validation, I did not have the capacity to claim the gift cards and now I am not allowed to load my dealport account. Please demand that those who manage the account correct the error that has occurred in my dealsport account. view more


It's already 21 days!

Hello friends of Dealspotr, we know that it is annoying for you to receive so many complaints due to the delay of the gift cards .. But we need you to inform us, we dedicate this time and we need to know what is happening with this delay, I already have 21 days with a gift card processing. view more

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