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Bug Reports & Feedback

Running into a problem on Dealspotr? Have an idea for how we can make Dealspotr better? Share your bugs and ideas here.


Not Have Place This Penalty

HELLO Dealspotr Support, I wanted to express the following complaint. I have received a penalty and I do not understand what the error is, there is no specific reason for support, my capture meets the requirements of DEALSPOTR, I do not understand this penalty. I demand that my level and my point be returned and rectify the error, thanksoffer image view more


"Validation Limit Reached"

Hello there! I have a big problem, every time that I want to submit a new coupon or deal this message appears "Validation Limit Reached" but I just can submit one coupon per day, so ¿What's happening? ¿It's a bug? I don't understand. Can anybody help me? With validations and invalidation everything is okay, I want to post my deals and coupons every day without problems. view more


Problem with reward

Good afternoon. I sent the request to claim my reward on 10/17/2019, but instead of receiving, it was not processed and now I must wait again all the stipulated time to acquire the benefit. Could someone explain to me the reason? view more


account issues

They will continue with the issue of returning my pay 2 times and it was twelve days if I ask again it takes 12 more days to approve it but they return it to me again, a little seriousness so it does not make me want to work I am doing my homework well, I need to charge those gc to pay a shipment yet and I could not enjoy what I work for you nor everything for your convenience, I need an answer to this problem! view more


gift card return

please, what is happening, they are going back 3 times that they give me back the payment that is happening tell me when they are going to pay me that Gift Card there is no one that answers view more


problems with my account

I stopped in a very bad taste the abuses that have with me first I upload shaves correctly without errors and they serve because my data of what people have horrendously increased and you say that they are not very useful offers, then they lower me 3000 points and my level and tire me the gc that I have requested, I ask again and wait 6 days to return it to me because I have not done any action, that has to do if I already earn those 10gc that is not correct and for sure they will not answer this message or recognize your bad actions view more