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Bug Reports & Feedback

Running into a problem on Dealspotr? Have an idea for how we can make Dealspotr better? Share your bugs and ideas here.


One Day Deals

I have noticed that when I try to post a deal that is good for that single day  I get a message saying I can't use that days date. It says something like "can't use expired date as end date" even though that day hasn't ended.  Do you not want us to post one day deals? view more


What should you do if you think your posts are being "invalidated" unfairly?

Lately I've been afraid to post deals as "sitewide" even if the email or whatever says it's sitewide because people keep flagging my posts as incorrectly labeled as sitewide. And also I recently had one flagged for something, like grammer, spelling, or problem with the title... but I don't see how there was anything wrong with it. I think people are confused or something. view more


My Accuracy. ¿Maybe A Bug?

My accuracy has not increased since a few days. I have no invalidations on my account and besides that the day before yesterday my accuracy was 5, then, today in the morning was 4 and now at this time, it is still 5. Maybe this is a bug? Somebody could help me? view more


What is happening?

Since friday, all i can get is invalidations. Promo code is not working (Even with proof that the coupon works in the store, cuz I try it and put a screenshot, and with the exact date that expires), Problem with the tip (Please, can someone tell me what is wrong with this titule? " Save 10% Off Your First Order", when the email from this online store says that?) view more


2 Accuracy points lost daily

Last 4-5 days The internet from my zone is having troubles, this make me hard to do validations either enter to the site, but at when I enter I noticed that my accuracy is going down 2 points daily, and when I go to see what I did wrong, I can´t find my reactivation or validation that was flagged, so this is a Bug o is the new system of work? I see many contacs that are facing the same problem. One example of mine is this: view more


What is wrong with my validations?

I need help, since last Friday they continue to mark my validations and promotional codes as errors. I have a low score from 31 to -13 and I have been working on it to "learn" from mistakes and improve, but it continues to happen and I think it is unfair, yesterday was 29 and today marked my validations again, I have all tested To verify that they work as described in the agreement and so it is. view more

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