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Bug Reports & Feedback

Running into a problem on Dealspotr? Have an idea for how we can make Dealspotr better? Share your bugs and ideas here.


What happened to my infinite validations?

My accuracy score is 37, which is over 30, therefore I should have infinite validations but I have none left. Today I saw a weird thing whenever I finished validating a deal it kept telling me I had 0 validations left. Regardless of that I had infinite validations until recently. Is this a temporary bug? Someone please help me I'm very concerned I need answers :( *sadface* view more


What happened to my account?

Hello, i'm here to ask for my account, i'm banned, basically, so i don't know what went wrong, if an admin can go to my account and look at it, would be nice, i want it back, i still want to keep making post and validations, if you an "unban" me would me nice, please! view more


Bad Gateway

Has anyone else been experiencing problems navigating the site/posting deals? Today is the second time this has happened for me. It's very slow to do anything, especially post deals. I also keep getting a "Bad Gateway" message. Just wondered if this was happening to anybody else or if this was a problem on my end. view more


URL's failing to upload on profile

Ok, so this is my first time trying to cash out my points for a gift card... apparently I need to have URL's to one of my social profiles to be able to redeem for one (I don't understand why this is required but that's another question). Anyway, I tried to comply, I first tried twitter, that didn't work, facebook didn't work, and google+ didn't work. I can't get any of my social profile URL's to link, it just keeps saying "invalid URL". So I tried using it under the "website" section, and it worked. So I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Also I'm worried having one of my profiles listed as a website link, might not be good enough and I don't want my reward being denied because of it. -Update- I managed to get my google+ URL to work but the others are still not working. Also I now can't delete the google+ profile link I put up for "website". view more

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