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Bug Reports & Feedback

Running into a problem on Dealspotr? Have an idea for how we can make Dealspotr better? Share your bugs and ideas here.


My accuracy score keeps falling - why?

I have worked as slowly as possible putting the specifications in the text of each offer, promotion and coupons, but I always get (format, grammar, incomplete information), I do not know what to do ... I'm tired after I'm in almost 28 Reaching Unlimited A little and already reached 4 in the score view more


Why are my validations getting flagged?

Hello! I've been in Dealspotr for a while now, and I find weird that all of my last validations are getting flagged by "Grammar" or because the "Deal was invalid" but i find this Odd since I Always use a perfect English when I'm validating and i always attach a Screenshot in the Validation just for show that the deal that I'm validating still works, I know a lot of users have this same problem, but my Score was 31 and now is 0 because of this! view more


My deal got flagged for invalid reasons.

My accuracy lowered beacuse my deal was flagged for not having a model number, but models are optional and this was a makeup palette with a very clear tittle. My other deal got flagged because it had formatting issues in the tittle, but as you can see on the screenshot, it was very clear and free of writing mistakes. The thrird was flagged beacause of "incomplete information" even though te people who edited it did so with even less information than the very explicit and clear description i made. view more


Help with the Reward system

I have waiting a week for the reward, while I wait the 10k reward I did reach another 10k reward, so the day come ( 2 days ago) and that Day I was on Accuracy "0" (Yes! from thursday at night I was 31 to Friday at morning I enter to the site and I see Accuracy "0" -Zero- ) And because of that the reward was denied, but I was not able to see the flagged validations. A message from the team say that I need to improve the accuracy to claim again the reward... The point is, Now when I go to see the reward available, I see 20$ "Processing" But I did not reclaimed the second one, only the first. The question is, I have to wait another week to receive that? and is normal that the second reward ($10) join the firs reclaim? view more


What's wrong with these titles?

Hi, I have a problem, today some of my deals got flagged but I don't know why, it says it was because a problem with the title, but as you can see it is clear, why did those deals have got flagged?? I need Help with this. Also it says problem with my tips but I'm 100% sure that I didn't made any mistakes so why??!! Here are the links : view more


My post was flagged when someone edited it

I have done this question before and readed from other threads here... But... My post can be flagged when someone edited it? I know the answer, but happened to me again, three times. Just when someone edit a post I worked before, I lost my accuraccy. And my posts were fine. Emily Helwig, can you help me please? I don´t want to lose my accuraccy. view more


Re-activating Codes with Future Start Dates

Is there a way to indicate that a re-activated coupon code has a start date in the future? For example, I went to add a code for Murad that is valid from May 18 to June 7. The code was already in the system but was expired. Unlike when I add new codes, I did not have the option of indicating that the re-activated code had a start date in the future. view more


Editing a Promo Code when Validating a Deal

I came across a deal, in which two of the characters where reversed in the box where you copy/ paste. I was able to use the correct code (the one shown in their screenshot) and get the deal, but I could not edit this error in the post and therefore could not validate the deal (with the proper code). I did not want to invalidate the deal (as the issue I had there was not listed), so all I could do was report it on the front page and comment with the proper code. view more