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I have heavly penalized in the last 2 weeks (a deduction of 20.000 points in the last 2 weeks) apparently the cause is beacuse I set expiration dates wrong. So let's suppose I post a deal today (june 26th); but, the page doesn't give me the information about when the deals ends exactly. Taking into account dealspotr rules I set the expiration date for 4 weeks. It means it will end on July 17th. Is that ok for other users? view more


Please Revise

Modify the title of the offer to adjust it to the correct currency. In addition, the capture supplied is correct, when applying the code in the store it is not reflected, so the capture of the offer represents it better. view more


What wrong??

Hi. This publication has an expiration date according to the mail of 05/19/2019. I uploaded the image with the code applied to see that it worked but if I have the image of the mail where the date appears view more


what's going on?

good morning I would like to help me understand why I have points deducted so many times, they say that I change my activity and that my work varies and that I have done. I have arrived at the requirement 3 times already varying my activity and even if I do not receive my gift card, it does not seem fair. view more