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Deal Posting & Validations

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Reactivating expired deals?

I have a doubt: there are moments when i find expired deal deals that turns out they are not, and they are still active when am trying to reactivate them i put ongoing deal because the page doesn't specify the expiration date. How can i do in that situacion? view more

Hi. Why is this deal invalid?

Hi. Is it a bug? This deal shows ongoing deal, never expires, but I got a notice that said my score has been effected since the deal is invalid. Isn't it an amazing thing? I am validating the deal when it is ongoing, also I have attached the screenshot that shows the deal works. Why will my score go away if the deal is invalid? It is not reasonable. view more

Question about points & accuracy

For several days it has been noted that the number of points that validate a deal has gone down, not even validating those who have only those who post gives enough points, apart from all this now are only reactivating which affects negatively, This gives 35 points but 28 depends on how validated this deal is already, others are afraid to put a new deal since they invalidate and your accuracy ends on the floor. So ... what could be done to counter this deplorable amount of points received. view more

Duplicated expired deals?

Lately I've found some duplicated expired deals, which I've validate one of the duplicates and just leave the other as expired. My curiosity is: As is not allowed to have duplicate deals, should I invalidate the other as duplicated? Even if it's expired or I just should leave it "Expired". What I'm trying to say is this: view more