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How to Use Dealspotr

Find, share, and discuss tips on how to find great deals to post on Dealspotr.


Gift card problem

Good evening, i was about to reclaim a gift you sent me days ago and when i do that it says the code was used, i thought someone hacked my email, i contact Amazon and it says that some woman named Ines Aguado bought the card. Amazon tells me that i have to contact the person who sent me the card which is Dealspotr; and the person who bought the card and sent it to me has to talk to Amazon so i can receive a new gift card. view more


points lost twice

every time I get to the amount of points required to ask for a gift card you remove 1500 points for no reason, you send me a generic message but you do not really explain what is wrong, all my last validations have been correct without any being reported as wrong, I have not made reactivations, I have not posted only deals of stores of large volumes, in fact I have verified that almost all the validations that I have made are from stores that have less than 150 post, additional to that you lower my score without having errors in my validations, it seems unfair, it looks like a scam view more


i need help

hi! can you please help me? i asked for my gift a few weeks ago and i receive and email saying that my gift was rejected, so i stopped working on the page till today. can you explain to me what am i doing wrong? so i can start again. thanks Victoria David view more

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