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How to Use Dealspotr

Find, share, and discuss tips on how to find great deals to post on Dealspotr.



Oops! Your validation: Get 10% Off Your Order + Free Shipping at North States Pet (Site-Wide) was flagged for the following reason: The uploaded screenshot did not validate your deal. Your Accuracy Score may have been affected. Thank you for helping us create a great experience on Dealspotr by reviewing your validations! - view your deal - View our deal posting guidelines for more details view more


Reactivation of account

Hi all.
I am new to dealspotr and would like to help me in the following: I have a friend who after several deals made, the last published deals presented errors and dealspotr suspended it. He can enter your account but can not make any new deal, nor validate promotional codes, nothing !!!.
I would appreciate if you could indicate to me that he must do so that Dealspotr reactivates his account and can post deals again. Greetings and thanks. view more


Good Day friends of Dealspotr! someone can explain me whats wrong here?

Good morning friends of dealspotr, sorry for the inconvenience I bring a couple of coupons from the same store which have been marked for the same reason, which says that it is not clear, that it has not been the only one generated or that it does not validate the coupon, but I already reviewed it several times and both coupons mark the discount in a very clear and practical way, besides that none of the previous reactivations have any resemblance to the coupons, I personally validated the coupons and took the screenshots in both cases, and not really I get reason so that neither of them has been marked that way. view more


How should I mark it?

Hi. I read your post on how to publish a shipping agreement for free. But I still have doubts. If I do not know the expiration date of the agreement, I must check the option 1) I do not know the expiration date or 2) This agreement has a start date in the future. Because they are the two options that appear. I want to be 100% sure of how to do it before publishing this type of agreements so that my accuracy score is not affected. view more


Hello friends! someone can explain me? i dont understand.

hello dealspotr friends I send you a warm greeting from here, I bring a complaint because I received a warning that said reactivate a coupon that was exclusive of another coupon site. but that coupon I reactivate directly from the list of unverified codes that has dealspotr for the store in question so I consider it unfair and wrong that I have been warned for that. view more

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