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How to Use Dealspotr

Find, share, and discuss tips on how to find great deals to post on Dealspotr.


Problem Redeem My First Gift Card

Hello... I have not been able to redeem my first gift card ... I have already reached 10000 points, but when I select the option, an alert is displayed and it does not allow me to advance, the option "One or several websites or social links" is not crossed out and in my account that option is true. view more


I need help from a moderator, i made a mistake posting a deal

Hello, i made a mistake when posting a deal, i thought the deal was for a site called carson and i actually was at a website called carson´s, i posted 2 deals and then i noticed the mistake, i invalidated the deals myself, i am just wondering if there is any chance to avoid the accuracy loss there? maybe just remove the deals and discount the points i got for them? anyways i accept responsability. Thanks in advance. view more


Is there a way to edit my own deals?

I just posted a deal and would like to add something to it, but cannot find an option to do that? Also, one time I got penalized for my image not showing the deal, but I also could not find a way to change the image. And I need to know how to change the ending date, because a deal I posted earlier didn't have an ending date (so I gave it 5 days) and now I got an email saying the deal ends tonight, so I need to know how to fix it before my score goes down. view more


Again, what's wrong with this deal?

Emily Helwig I do not understand the reason of the edition by the user "@ makeadeal", my title was: "$100 off orders over $595 at Bulk apothecary." And the user "@ makeadeal" is: "$100 off orders $595 + at Bulk Apothecary", was there really a reason to edit my title? And if we observe, the user "@ makeadeal" does not separate "orders" from "$ 595 +". Please check this. view more


Doubts with a message

Hello, Greetings to all in the forum. I would be grateful if you would explain in more detail what this message means, "Thank you for participating in Dealspotr. We reviewed your recent activity, and unfortunately we saw patterns that match patterns of abuse or unhelpful deal posting.
view more

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