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Why Flagged?

Oops! Your validation: 10% Off All Orders at Bio Seaweed Gel (Site-wide) was flagged for the following reason: The deal is invalid (e.g. the deal should not have been confirmed). Your Accuracy Score may have been affected. Thank you for helping us create a great experience on Dealspotr by reviewing your validations! view more


What was the error in this validation?

Good morning, I have the following problem, I have gone back down 2 levels for a grammatical problem or for missing information in the validation I did, but I do not understand why, if I reactivated several deals writing the same and had not had this problem. Here is the information you post: I'm reactivating this deal, it is currently working. Enter the promo code during the checkout process to get $ 10 off your order at From You Flowers. There may be some exclusions that apply to this deal. view more


Please help

days ago I lost all my level for these offers and I do not understand why. Then I read that the word "enjoy" could not be typed. I could not charge my gift card because of this and it seems unfair. I leave some links. I would like some kind of help. I continue with low level. view more


This is a real problem.

Ok, the payles shoes whas flagged by a granmar mistake but really i dont see a several mistake on it, and all of that codes on tower hobbies meant to be single use? in the mail i did never read nothing about single use, instead a people have posted codes of that page and aren't disclosed as single use. even in the reactivations i made i did not see any information of that. that its a really agresive way to get a acuraccy on -6. view more


Gift cards problem

Good morning, i was checking my Gift Card status and it says that yesterday i received a Gift card from Deals but i checked my email and i dont have any message Amazon referring to Gift cards view more

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