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I can enter discount codes for being my birthday?

Hello how are you? Yesterday was my birthday and some pages sent me codes for being my birthday, some say they are valid for a month or even a week. So far, none have been entered because I do not know if that can be done; and if so, enter them and then share in my feed because it is a unique use code or I just can not enter it. I would appreciate your recommendation.Victoria David view more


Lost Points

Good morning, as you know the weekend's bug problem was solved but the points we were suppose to receive they are not applied on our account and i would like to know if we are going to receive the points of the offers who were published and also affected on weekend by the bug? view more


unreliable point system

This new points system does not help at all. Once again the injured are the ones who are working every day so that this community grows before, the amount of points it received was greater. now it is less what one receives it seems unfair view more


accuracy score

Hi, I've been doing the validations with a lot of detail and care but they lower my accuracy score. I do few validations to know what my error may be and I still do not get it, nor do I have information about my mistakes. Thanks, I hope someone can help me view more

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