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Oops! Your validation: Buy One, Get One 50% Off Fly Creek Cider Mill Baking Mix at Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard was flagged for the following reason: Problem ...

because incomplete information if it was taken from the store's website ... I demand that they be more specific? Will it be because I'm new in this that I'm being fired? who have the link to review well ... I am not satisfied with the reason why they say it is wrong view more


Problem with the screemshot?

Hi everybody.! Generally I don't make any claim when I get one of my deals flagged because I always take note of what I did wrong, but this time I don't think that my post has a problem with the screemshot, everything is on it: the name of the store, the offer marked with a red square saying that the store is offering free shipping with order $99+. So please, I would like to know what's the mistake in my screemshot. :( view more


Check this deals

1. I don't know the expiration date so I put 2 weeks that you advise, the title is the same as the offer show, I didn't put a brand/manufacturer because is the same as the store and I know you flag deals for that, so I put just the necessary. The screenshot show the offer, so what's wrong? view more

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