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How to Use Dealspotr

Find, share, and discuss tips on how to find great deals to post on Dealspotr.


please help

Hi . I got these notifications and says edit is invalid. those offers before editing had 5 and 10% but as they are observed in the catches, they present $ 5 and $ 10 of discount respectively. Is the editing wrong?. regards view more


Help Please

Hello when i posted the deal the bestonline price actually $18.27 as i edit but now it changes price so i think it is not my fault! Can you add my accuracy score back? please view more


problem with my account

hi guys , I need some help with my accout, I don't know why the moderators said me two times that I am doing everything bad , I am working a lot in this page and I was giving a lot of promotion to it, also, I am validating the pomotions that the people post here, please, I need a serious help here because I am working hard for free and if this will happen again, I will leave the page :/. view more


My accuracy score

Hello Victoria David. I am a new user of Dealspotr and I still learning how it works. I recently completed my first 10000 points, and when I was to redeem my gift card my accuracy score started to get low, and suddenly I got 0 points of score and I couldn't get the gift card, and now I can only make 1 validation per day. Can you help me with this? Please... view more

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