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How to Use Dealspotr

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this is not fair

I receive a notification that my score returned to 0, invalidated all my publications, which all other users score and certify that they are real and valid offers, and I also receive punctuation to whom I helped in their purchase, and just when I ask that Happens with my gift card, I receive this from you the administrators of this page, I do not think it fair that I was almost 2 weeks posting, going up deals and deals and you invalidate me and do not pay me my gift card, this frustrates me And make me consider that this is a fraud for the community view more


Im not getting points!

For some reason almost all of the deals that I have been validating today are not giving me any points, Also, I dont really know why but my accuracy score has been really low (Yesterday was 31 and i could validate all the deals i want, and now is 29 and i can only validate 15) I say this because im really great validating deals and adding screenshots, so i find this really weird, view more


So how do the rewards work?

I have a question about rewards. I already earned enough to redeem but I was wondering if I could just keep saving it up so that I can get a bigger reward, $10 is nice but I think it might be better to wait until it stacks up to redeem for a $100 card or something instead of having a bunch of 10's. Is it possible to do that or can you only redeem for $10 cards? I'd also hate to reach my next goal only to find out that I can't get the other $10 I already earned because I didn't claim it, are all rewards claimable and can they be saved up for a big single reward? view more

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