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How to Use Dealspotr

Find, share, and discuss tips on how to find great deals to post on Dealspotr.


I need your help.

Hello.! I need your help, you have invalidated several publications because of screen capture problems because they are not clear, but you can see that they work correctly and the discount is applied. Another invalidation is grammatical error. Because of this I get negative score. view more


How to Use Dealspotr

They tell me they do not see changes in my activities. I have uploaded codes I have reactivated codes. It would not be better for you to give more specific instructions. about what should be done. to do us better our work in dealspor. I wait for an answer. to continue my work Victoria David view more


Points reduction

Good evening, we as users of Dealspotr we would like to have an official statement and explanation about yesterday's new points policy. The last time you made a similar one @EmilyHewig made an explanation of why you did it but in this case we dont have a clare explanation of such a arbitrary decision. We are not getting any benefit so far with this new policy view more

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